What defines NENO.PK ?

NENO is World ’s leading procurement platform; interacting with hundreds of suppliers, thousands of manufacturers and over a million business customers. As a supplier you can use NENO as a pioneering distribution channel, where you can translate your straightforward performance into sales growth. As a purchaser you can achieve enormous saving potential in your procurement of business and technical requirements.


We are a trading company – in the classical sense of the word. We procure goods and sell them on. Our values are the same as they were before when traders moved from city to city with their goods: Reliability, honesty and trust. NENO.PK  all principles of our commercial behaviour.


  • Europe’s leading e-procurement platform for business customers
  • approximately 5000 items World-wide from general business to specialist needs
  • selection provided by 16.400 manufacturers and hundreds of suppliers
  • more than one mil. business customers, from freelancers to SMEs, public administrations to corporations
  • extensive E-Procurement functions and procurement related services
  • represented by its own platform in 14 world countries
  • more than 100 employees 

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