Abbott Freestyle Libre Glucometer
Accu Check Active Complete Kit + Extra 50 Test Pack 6,000
ADC Adscope 602 Traditional Cardiology Stethoscope 17,000
Adjustable Rollator with Seat and Brakes  32,500
Air Humidifier LB-45 Beurer  13,000
Air Humidifier LB-88 Beurer Dual Option  26,500
Ambulance Stretcher MODEL: YXH-2A 93,000
APC Protect Net standalone surge protector for 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet lines 30,000
Automatic arm blood pressure monitor 6,500
Bed side locker Pak Made  17,500
Bedside Locker 15,000
Bi-Pap Machine Philips Respironics
Blood Pressure Apparatus Aneroid ABN ECO LITE  3,500
Cardiovit AT-102 G2 Schiller ECG Machine, 12 Channels 450,900
Cnoga Combo Glucometer 103,860
Cnoga MTX- Non-Invasive Blood Bio-Parameters Measurements 255,000
Commode Chair Aluminum Heavy Duty with Foam Seat  28,500
Defibrillator Schiller Portable Swiss  290,000
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 4,000
Digital Vane Handheld Anemometer model ANE-272 4,899
Digital Weighing Scale Beurer PS-240  5,500
Dorso Lumbar Spinal Brace Flamingo  1,500
Electric Nursing Bed
Electric Standing Bed
Envitec OOM202 Medical Ventilator Oxygen Sensor 27,500
Five Functions Electric Hospital Bed 185,000
Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T605MF-B 47,900
Hospital hydraulic stretcher car (ALS-ST005)
iHealth No-Touch Thermometer  12,000
KN95 PROTECTIVE MASK GB2626 (10 pcs/pkt) 2,000
LINKTEMP Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 22,500
Luxury Docking Bed
medex 360 Model DEFIBCARE MX360 680,000
Medical Sphygmomanometer 2,100
Medit Identica T300 Dental 3D Scanner 1,150,545
Medit Identica T500 Dental 3D Scanner 1,550,000
MOTHXXXGLAS2 Insten 10x Handheld Magnifier, 2" Dia  3,500
Move Lite Folding Power Chair 305,000
Nubee NUB8380 Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer 12,500
Otoscope Escope  15,500
Outpatient Service Bed
Portable Ultrasound Machine KAIXIN 5600
PS 1065 Electronic weight scale helpful weighing of maximum 180kg 5,000
Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 Interpretive Electrocardiograph (ECG) 389,900
skeleton human model 27,000
Smart health watch (CMS-50k) 38,000
Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Measuring Instrument 3,500
Stainless Examining Bed
stainless steel outpatient service bed
stretcher. DESCRIPTION of Aluminium 13,500
Tensitron ACX-100-1 Digital Aircraft Cable Tension Meter 5-100 lbs for 1/16 in, 3/32 in, 1/8 in, 5/32 in Cables 390,000
Testing Blood Glucose Devices Type Blood Glucose Meter 2,500
Three Functions Electric Hospital Bed 140,000
Three Shake Bed
Ultrasound Machine Mindray DP-2200
Weight machine for Baby 8,500
Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite  9,990