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    Husky Osprey S, Aviation, Automatic Fuel Dispensing Nozzle, ATEX Approved


    About the product

    The Husky Osprey Aviation Fuel Nozzle is designed specifically for over the wing refueling of aircraft. As an automatic refueling nozzle, the Osprey will shut off when the aircraft tank is full to prevent an overfill situation. An easy to service stainless steel fuel filter screen is incorporated in the nozzle, and it benefits from a red scuff guard and waffle guard to allow the user to quickly identify that it is for use with aviation fuel.

    Further features of this Husky nozzle is a pressure sensing valve to ensure that it only dispenses fuel when the pump is in operation, and a ground cable and clip for earthing the refueling nozzle to the aircraft.

    Features of the Husky Osprey Aviation Refueling Nozzle:

    • Automatic aviation fuel nozzle
    • Maximum flow rate: 190ltrs Per Min
    • 100 mesh stainless steel fuel filter screen
    • One piece aluminum body for enhanced durability
    • Full red scuff & waffle guard for aviation fuel identification
    • Pressure sensing valve to only release fuel when pump is operating
    • Spout cap & clip
    • For pumping systems only
    • Ground cable with clip for earthing
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    • The MLA900 is suitable for mobile individual measurements of the conductivity of kerosene.
    • The device checks whether the safety-relevant conductivity value has been achieved by sufficient addition of additives.
    • It is approved for use in the explosive area and is listed as a standard measurement method in ASTM D2624.
    • MLA900 conductivity meter cable 17 m
    • MLA 900 Conductivity measurement in light oil products

    Measuring specifications:

    Electrical conductivity Measuring range 0 … 1999 pS/m
    Temperature Measuring range –20 … 60 °C
    consisting of:
    – Display unit (including battery)
    – rehearsal
    – 17m cable
    – Carrying case
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