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30W Portable 24 LED Floodlight


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30W Portable 24 LED Floodlight in Pakistan

Portable Rechargeable Cordless 24 LED Floodlight 30W 2400LM IP65 flood light for Traveling Camping Fishing Work in Pakistan

Light weight and portable with cordless.
High brightness, low consumption, ease to use.
The light beam direction can be adjusted by its pivoting design.
Excellent waterproof, suitable for outdoor environment, adverse weather conditions except for diving.
With 4000mA lithium battery, it works anywhere. Rechargeable battery can be charged by standard power source.
Metal rack, lightweight, cordless, water-resistant, protection rating IP65, portable and rechargeable, firm frame.
Usage: go fishing, camping party, outdoor working light, seaside BBQ, suburbs camping, emergency, maintenance, garden work.

Package Included
1x Rechargeable Flood Light
1x Charger (110V-240V, Free Adaptor fit for your country).

LED indicator
Charging: Indicator LED flashes red and green
Full charged: Indicator LED turns to green

Please use the charger equipped with the lamp.
Please do not turn on the light when charging.
Please do not use a modified or damaged charger.
Please do not leave the lamp in charge over 24 hours.
Please do not disassemble the lamp.
Please recharge the lamp every six months when in stock.


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