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  • The MLA900 is suitable for mobile individual measurements of the conductivity of kerosene.
  • The device checks whether the safety-relevant conductivity value has been achieved by sufficient addition of additives.
  • It is approved for use in the explosive area and is listed as a standard measurement method in ASTM D2624.
  • MLA900 conductivity meter cable 17 m
  • MLA 900 Conductivity measurement in light oil products

Measuring specifications:

Electrical conductivity Measuring range 0 … 1999 pS/m
Temperature Measuring range –20 … 60 °C
consisting of:
– Display unit (including battery)
– rehearsal
– 17m cable
– Carrying case
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MLA 900 Conductivity meter, 0-1999 pS/m F-34

MLA900, the measuring instrument for mobile use.

The MLA900 is suitable for measurements of the electrical conductivity and temperature of light mineral oils (kerosene) in plants and laboratories. The device shows whether the safety-relevant conductivity value has been reached by adding sufficient additives.

Liquids with too low electrical conductivity can become electrostatically charged. If they are combustible liquids, there is a risk of ignition from sparking during electrostatic discharge. Therefore, the conductivity is increased with additives in petroleum products such as Kerosene and light mineral oils. The electrostatic charge is discharged to the tank or pipeline wall.

The MLA900 is certified for use in the explosive range up to zone 0 and is listed in ASTM D2624 as a measuring instrument.



  • Conductivity: 0 – 1999 pS /m
  • Simultaneous temperature-measurement
  • Limit -, function – and status-information
  • ASTM standard tests method D2624
  • Portable field-appliance certified by DIN 51412
  • Explosion-protection: ATEX II 1/2 G EEx ia IIB T6
  • Portable field-appliance for mobile use
  • Simple checkup of the function and accuracy of the displayed data
  • Large double-display for conductivity and temperature
  • Up to 1,000 hours of operating time with a single battery


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