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Semi-Rotary Hand Pump (YL series)


Marine Hand Pump
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pumps are the most efficient and trouble-free hand pumps available. The use of highest quality materials, strict control during manufacture and testing prior to despatch guarantee their performance for many years
InstallationPumps should be installed in the vertical plane and dust seals removed from flanges. The following recommendations are made to ensure maximum efficiency.1. Install a foot valve for suction lifts over 2.4 metres.2. Install a strainer if liquid contains solids.3. Install a check valve for delivery heights over 3.6 metres.4. Pipes should not be smaller than pump flange, and long radius bends should be used.

Product Specification / Models

YL-0: flow rate: 15l/min

YL-1: flow rate: 16l/min

YL-2: flow rate: 28l/min

YL-3: flow rate: 40l/min

YL-5: flow rate: 85l/min

YL-7: flow rate:105l/min


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