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Wireless Queue Management


Queue Management

Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

Decrease customer wait times, improve waiting line management, and increase revenues with Wavetec’s enterprise Queue Management Solutions.

Queue Management Systems are a well-known solution consisting of management of the flow of customers in places with an increased number of people waiting in one place, i.e. in offices, hospitals, pharmacies, shops or banks.

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It is an automated system designed to manage walk-in services, or customer flow. Queue management system is majorly used to manage interactions with the customers, whether it be in person or through information displayed over the screen. It is an intelligent system which helps in managing the Queues of people.


  • 17” LCD display IR touch screen kiosk Ÿ
  • LCD brightness:300cd/㎡
  • Power consumption(W): AC220V±10%
  • CPU: dual core 2.41GHz Ÿ Resolution: 1280*1024@75Hz Ÿ
  • Memory:2G
  • Hard disk: SSD 32G Ÿ
  • OS: windows 7 Ÿ
  • 80*50mm Terminal printer with auto cutter Ÿ
  • Ticket: can print your logo on it Ÿ
  • Port:4*USB,2*COM, 1*LAN, 1*LVDS,1*VGA Ÿ
  • Ethernet Port:10/100 Ethernet port
  • RJ45,Internet Access available Ÿ
  • Any of the language can support, like English, Arabic, Greece, French, Italian, etc. Ÿ
  • Support 1-32 services, 1-64 counters Ÿ
  • Inbuilt Power amplifier, communication controller and wireless module.
  • Size:1410*420*395mm
  • Weight: 40KG


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