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INDUSTREX DX Developer and FX Fixer






Environmentally-friendly INDUSTREX DX developer and INDUSTREX FX fixer processor chemicals that are specially formulated to deliver optimal results with all Carestream NDT film products

Fully compliant with REACH, these chemicals are environmentally friendly and designed to work with Carestream NDT Film and processors, developed through our extensive experience in film and chemistry for non-destructive testing.

Our new hydroquinone-free developer and borate-free fixer produce excellent results while minimizing the impact on the user and environment.

Both can be used for manual or automatic processing.


Odorless Hydroquinone-Free Developer and Borate-Free Fixer

  • Optimised for use with Carestream NDT film processors to deliver outstanding performance.
  • Suitable for use with all NDT film processing systems.
  • Odor-free processing chemicals, pleasant to use without an undesired odor.
  • Both chemicals can be used for manual or automatic processing.
  • Highly concentrated solution in two 5 Litre containers makes 40 Litres of solution, minimising packaging waste.
  • Developer works with Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) instead of Hydroquinone.
  • Less cleaning effort for silver desposits
  • The polyethylene containers and cardboard packaging are both fully recyclable.
  • Shelf life of 24 months, the same as regular INDUSTREX chemicals.
    • Processed film life expectancy is unaffected, to ensure achiving.
    • Use with All Carestream NDT Processors with No Change to Replenishment Rate.
    • Easy to use.  Simply continue to follow the Carestream NDT processing cycle standard replenishment rates for your processor.
    • Replenishment rates: Developer is 665 ml per square meter and Fixer is 1200 ml per square meter.
    • For optimum processing:

       – Set developer temperature to 28°C, immersion time 100 seconds


      – Set developer temperature to 26°C, immersion time 146 seconds

      • It is recommended to add INDUSTREX starter solution to your freshly mixed developer tank solution before commencing processing.
      • Manual processing developer immersion time/developer temperature equivalency is the same as conventional INDUSTREX chemicals. Starting point is 4 minutes development time at 22°C.


    • INDUSTREX Eco-Friendly Chemicals
      Available to Order
      INDUSTREX DX Developer 2x20L CAT 5504923
      INDUSTREX FX Fixer 2x20L CAT 5504931


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