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Split-unit Hydraulic Plier

Item No FYQ-630B
Max pressure 30T
Max travel 25mm
Accessories 150,185,240,300,400,500,630mm2
Crimping range 150-630mm2
Crimping type Besiege pressure



It is suitable for outside and inside project of the distributor house, it is the special tools for all kinds of connecting and kinds of connecting and building overhead cable

It pressed tightly on 10KV-500KV high voltage cable casing pipe, cable clips nared ends and hexagon shape

We will develop the titanium alloy material to decrease the work deal

Welcome to order special specification tools


FYQ-400 Split-unit hydraulic pliers

Item No FYQ-400
Crimping range 50-400mm2
Max pressure 13T
Max travel 22mm
Accessories 50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300,400mm2
Crimping type Besiege pressure


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